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Sublistar® Teddy bear Hardy

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Sublistar® Teddy bear Hardy, seated height ca. 170 mm, 48 pcs./carton:
Cuddly friends for life!
True friends are always there for you when you need comfort. Perhaps a cuddly stuffed animal can also be such a friend. Plush toys with a personal photo or name printed on their shirt make the perfect gift. They are huggable and will patiently listen to secrets big and small—just like real animals, only smaller and softer. Because we know that stuffed animals can become life-long friends, we see to good workmanship, ensuring that the seams last and their expressive eyes are sewn and say in place. And because sometimes best friends also need a bath, these plush toys are washable.

- Each plush toy includes a printable T-shirt, 100% polyester
- Suitable spare shirt: Shirt-M
- 48 pcs./carton
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