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Design software to easily create designs without needing any previous knowledge in graphic programs

  • Design software to easily create designs without needing any previous knowledge in graphic programs

subliEVO DS - Designsoftware, various formats, create layouts, including templates, profiles, etc.:
subliEVO DS is a high performing software that enables the creation of sublimation products
in a simple and fast way. The management and printing data are also automated.
Operating this software is intuitive. After only a short time and with no prior knowledge,
you are able to customize templates quickly and reliably to the articles being printed. It
takes only a few steps to create the required print file, saving a lot of valuable time.
The subliEVO DS database already contains the contours of all sublimation products that Print Equipment offers. Each item shows the accompanied processing instructions. The colour profiles for printouts are, of course, already installed.
This database is regularly updated for you.

Key features
- Extensive selection of different pictures and themes
- Outlined shape of the item for simple picture positioning
- Easily insert text and clipart
- Positioning of multiple print orders on one print out
- Includes product printing parameters
- Includes mosaic function
- Color profiles are already installed
- Intuitive operation

System Requirements:
Min. operating system required: Win Vista
Not MAC compatible

We gladly offer a free demo version for you to try.
Downloadable after login: subliEVO_2017_10.pdf
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