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Privacy Policy

You may rest assured that all your personal data is treated confidentially by Print Equipment GmbH & Co. KG. We only collect your personal information that is needed for business use.

Personal data is data that may reveal your identity, such as your name or address. All information that does not allow an identification is not included.

Your e-mail address is recorded when you subscribe for our newsletter and will be used for advertisement and market research until you un-subscribe from the newsletter.

Please find the details about when your data is recorded and how it is used as follows. Technical and administrative measures assure that the regulations for the protection of data privacy are followed.

We use your data for the processing of your order. All data is recorded and processed in compliance with the regulations of the German Data Protection Act and the Teleservice Data Protection Act.

On request you may see your recorded data.

Personalized data

Our online store can be used without revealing many personal details. Using our personalized services, customers will be asked to provide only the personal details necessary for processing the order. The use of our services and the supply of personal data is voluntary.

The data is recorded on specially protected servers in Germany. Only very few authorized people who are in charge of the technical, editorial and commercial support have access to these servers.

When our website is being visited, certain details (such as the IP-address, date and time and the pages visited) recorded on our servers for safety reasons may allow identification.

In order to analyse and improve our internet service we collect statistics about how often certain pages are visited. This data will under no circumstances be used for creating user profiles.

Passing on personal data to a third party

As a basic principle we do not pass on personal data to a third party especially not for advertising.

Should you use our services, the collection and passing on of your personal data in order to excecute the service may be necessary. This data will only be recorded and used for the actual service. Third parties using your data for order processings are also bound by the data protection regulations.

Where required, we will pass on the data to the person entitled to receive the information, e.g. in case of a leasing enquiry. 

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