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PRETREATmaker IV, machine for pre-treatment

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PRETREATmaker IV, machine for pre-treatment, of textiles intended for textile printing:
Fully-automatic DTG pretreatment machine for pretreatment of textiles
- Able to print and read barcodes with input interface for spray function and scales (optional)
max. spray surface: B 40 cm x L 60 cm
- Number of nozzles: 4
- Adjustable width
- Adjustable length: in 2 cm intervals
- Spray direction: uni- /bi-directional
- Spray methode: Nozzles move over the table (internal)
- Nozzle material: Brass or stainless steel Touchpad-Display
- Storage function: 5
- Motor: Multiphase motor
- Carriage speed levels: 25 options
- Pumps: 2 / Tank sizes: 1 x 10 L / 3x 5 L
- Automatic nozzle cleaning option
- Automatic cleaning process of the pretreatpump
- Automatic cleaning process represented with pictures in display
- Illustrated instructions in display (service, handling)
- High quality in-line filter for coarse particles
- External nozzle components can be cleaned with cleaning solution
- Serial interface z.B. Barcode Scanner (Optional)
- Scale (Optional)
- Waste water tank pedestal
- Multi-lingual menu navigation
- Untis in metric or inches
- Ergonomically improved drawer
- Superuser function (automatic. spray)
- Dimensions: D 90 x W 72 x H 48 cm
- Weight 70 Kg
Downloadable after login: Anltg_PRETREATmaker-IV-v18.02-de-en-it-pl_komp.pdf
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