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Our own brands

You, as our highly valued customer, expect quality and safety in the sublimation process. For thid reason we have developed our own brands, which we would like to present to you here. If you see any of the following symbols in the future, you’ll know instantly: This brand is from Print Equipment and delivers high performance and ideal service.


Who invented it? Print Equipment! Sublisplash® from Print Equipment is the sublimation ink of the future developed by leading sublimation specialists. With today’s market demanding a stable and reliable sublimation ink that works every time, we now have the pleasure of offering you the most advanced solution. Developed and manufactured in the EU, Sublisplash® delivers high-definition performance with a breathtaking deep black and the most advanced vibrant colours, taking creative imaging to the next level for an uncomparable and unbeatable price-performance ratio. You’ll find more information on or in our webshop



We are especially proud of our Sublistar® brand: All products labelled with this symbol offer more quality and longevity in material and usage than comparable products on the market. The brand stands for the best processing components and guarantees safety and satisfaction for your customers.



Unable to be stopped is the individualizable 3D pressing and is expected from excited end customers. Stay up-to-date and be ready to be amazed by the new Subli Case 3D press plus. It’s incredibly easy to use and operates at a low-noise level as well. With this top-notch device you’ll easily and uncomplicatedly print 3D smartphone cases. This 3D press will greatly enriche your product diversity.



Finally, they are available to be downloaded: Lovingly designed motives and templates for many important themes: Birth, Marriage, love, Mother’s day, Christmas, Father’s day, Easterpet lovers, birthdays, education, hobby, soccer, holidays and so on. These files can be downloaded in the following formats: .eps, .psd and .cdr. Buy the designs you really want! The variety will be continuously updated.



For customers with high expectations: Subli Leather, the aristocrats of sublimation products. The diverse product range of Subli Leather products offer an exquisite leatherette look, coupled with high-quality processing and a luxurious haptic.



Prepare your products with these sublimation enamels. These enamels have been developed to prepare uncoated products for the sublimation process, to make them viable for pressing. These are available in five versions: Clear Sublimation Coating, UV Protection Coating, Translucent White Coating, Opaque White Base Coating and Adhesion Promoter.
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Our own Brands
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