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OKI LED-WT-printer, OKI Pro8432WT

Item no. START-OKI-W-A3-2
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  • OKI LED-WT-printer, OKI Pro8432WT
  • OKI LED-WT-printer, OKI Pro8432WT

    OKI LED-WT-printer, OKI Pro8432WT
    Anzahl: 1 pc.
  • Item No.: OKI-Weiss-A3-2
  • USB-cable AB 1.8 m
  • USB-cable AB 1.8 m

    USB-cable AB 1.8 m
    Anzahl: 1 pc.
  • Item No.: sys-usb
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OKI LED-WT-printer, OKI Pro8432WT, max. print A3:
This device optimally supports your business. Let us make you an individual non-binding offer.
With the OKI white toner printer, your creativity will reach new dimensions. Impress your customers
with a variety of solutions ranging from very dark T-shirts to wood, ceramic, metal, glass, cardboard
and many different coloured materials. It brings the highest quality and comes without the hassle of cutting
and weeding. The OKI white toner printer offers all kind of possibilities.
- Color LED printer CMYW, Pro8432WT
- Includes 3 years of on-site service
- Two additional white cartridges free of charge
Quick and efficient colour and whit printing is possible with the OKI white toner printer. Network colour printing with an extremely reliable LED-technology.
Quick output capacity as well as robust and at the same time compact design do guarantee the printing performance of this high-end-class toner printer.
Print speed: 35 pages A4 per minute in color / black & white
                    20 pages A3 per minute in color / black & white
Paper sizes: A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5
Resolution: 1200 x 600 dpi + ProQ Multilevel Technology
Interface: Hi-Speed USB, 10/100 TX Ethernet, parallel port
Paper Capacity: max. 400 sheets
Dimensions: 449 x 552 x 360 mm
Weight: 37 Kg
OKI 3 years on-site warranty
Please register your newly acquired OKI printer within 30 days of purchase.
Please visit the official OKI website at the following URL and follow the instructions:
Manufacturer number: 01329501
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