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FlexSoft (No-Cut), A-Foil

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FlexSoft (No-Cut), A-Foil, various dimensions, various colours:
Small budget for huge possibilities!
Your inexpensive start in the textile business!

You don’t need more than:
- A toner based printer
- A transfer press

Print with your toner printer black on coloured foil and get single-coloured prints on shirts. Neon and metallic colours are possible, as well as standard colours and white.

The FlexSoft (No-Cut) foil from FOREVER is the ultimate flex replacement. It works like an already coloured transfer foil, which allows you to bring complex graphics and fine details quickly and easily onto your textile.
Unlike flex film, you don‘t need to cut and weed the FlexSoft (No-Cut) foil. Therefore, most of your costly manual labor is eliminated.

- No cutting and weeding
- Low pressing temperature from 100-160°C
- Print on almost any textile or material
(Cotton, blended fabrics, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, paper, wood, etc.)
- Compatible with black/white or CMYK Laser/LED printers and copiers
- Washable up to 40°C
- Easily transfer fine details and ornate graphics
- Enormous time savings
- Incredible design and pattern possibilities (vintage, used, fashion, vector)
- Conforms to Öko-Tex Standard

Important: for all FlexSoft (No-Cut) A-foil, you need the B-paper (FE-LD-NCB-) for processing.

Please note the following restrictions for OKI-A3-3 (OKI C833):

We do not recommend batch processing for metallic foils.
Cooling-off period: 1 – 15 minutes
The maximum batch processing for standard colors is 10 pages.
Downloadable after login: Flex-Soft_Flyer_2016_04_web.pdf
Downloadable after login: OekoTex DE EN gueltig bis-vaild until 30-09-2018.pdf
Downloadable after login: Flex-Soft-No-Cut-D.pdf
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